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Ms Dynamite

There's a link, a bass culture ley-line which connects London and Jamaica.

The influence of immigrants from the Caribbean to the UK in the post-war period enriched the nation's culture, allowing for all manner of hybrids to spring up. Jungle master and drum 'n' bass legend, Shy FX is aware of his roots.

Recording a series of tracks indebted to reggae and the music of the Caribbean, the producer recently paired up with Ms Dynamite. Two artists with phenomenal soundsystem pedigree, 'Cloud 9' is a fun, breezy salute to Jamaican life.

The Amen breaks of Shy FX shine through on occasion, though, keeping the track bang up to date. Taken from My Dynamite's new EP (pre-order), it marks a new direction for the London artist.

"I’m a vibes person. I don’t mean to take a long time between tracks but I have to live a little in between and love it myself first" she explains. "Me and Shy got together and came up with this one. We’ve been working together for a while and this is us getting back to the roots where we come from."

Watch it now.

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'Cloud 9' is set to be released on October 21st.

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