Itchy electro funk...

Given the exposure dance music currently receives, it can be difficult to discern if there is still, actually, an underground.

The glare of the mainstream reaches everywhere, bathing all it uncovers in a blinding light. Thankfully, though, some party warriors still recognise that the underground isn't just a fact of life - it's a necessity that must be preserved.

Monoblok & PSLKTR have a motto etched on everything they touch. "The underground is what the politically correct devastates. Being able to make a step aside, daring to make what the times do not take in count”.

A production duo who stand outside the norm, their new video finds the pair literally on the fringes of the party whilst seated at the centre. 'Spooky' is an itchy piece of electro funk, with a driving, relentless rhythm which is difficult to ignore.

Yet ignore it they do. Monoblok & PSLKTR are shown wearing identical outfits, frozen on the couch while the party unfolds around them.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Spooky' is out now. SoundCloud page.

1. Spooky
2. Spooky (The Hacker Remix)
3. Sigminder ft. MTH
4. Sigminder ft. MTH (LaDameNoir Remix)
5. DigitalExclusive. Sigminder ft. MTH (Vosper Remix)
6. Digital Exclusive. Spooky (Assault On Meant 15 Edit)


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