Directed by Cillian Murphy...

MONEY are broad, ambitious.

To coin a cliche: there's is a cinematic sound, one draped in technicolour and shot in widescreen. So it makes sense that the Manchester band placed award winning actor (and one time Clash cover star) Cillian Murphy in charge of the video for their latest single.

Swirling, dream like music with a slightly dark edge, 'Hold Me Forever' comes equipped with lavish visuals. Filmed at the Old Vic Theatre, the clip also contains a routine from the English National Ballet as the music filters and evolved around them.

An introduce from Cillian Murphy:

"'Hold Me Forever' knocked me out when I first heard it. It's a sublime mix of beautiful melody and arresting emotion - but uniquely it is not a love song. I wanted to try and match the song with images that were both visually elegant and powerful. For some reason ballet dancers kept coming into my head. The strength, commitment and fluidity of movement of the dancers seemed somehow to cut wonderfully to the song...…."

Watch it now.

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MONEY are set to play the following shows:

12 Manchester Festival Square & Pavilion Theatre
13 Manchester Festival Square & Pavilion Theatre 
19 Sheffield Tramlines
21 Latitude Festival

15 Green Man Festival
30 End Of The Road Festival

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