Molotov Jukebox - Give It A Go (Live At Bestival 2013)

For Off Guard Gigs...

Fusion, that's the key.

With the 21st century bringing with it a tidal wave of information, new genres have become a thing of the past. Rather, young artists seem to thrive on a cocktail approach - bringing different elements together to make something fresh. 

Molotov Jukebox smash together gypsy music, folk, indie and hints of electronica, turning themselves into festival favourites in the process. Taking their sound across the globe, the band recently returned from Brazil where they beat the locals at their own salsa game. 

Heading to Bestival, Molotov Jukebox perfectly matched the heady atmosphere of the Isle of Wight based event. Invited backstage, the group recorded a joyous, exuberant session for Off Guard Gigs.

Watch it now.

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