Summer love song...
Mind Enterprises

Love can inspire like no other emotion.

From the onward rush of the first attraction to the searing pain of a final rejection, it's a rainbow of possibilities which extends from the heavenly to the hellish.

Mind Enterprises - real name Andrea Tirone - clearly understands this. Born and raised in Turin, the songwriter is now based in London where he released debut single 'Summer War' last year. A perfectly formed introduction, the producer is set to return with new EP 'My Girl'.

Containing four tracks, it emphasises both the breadth of the Mind Enterprises project and the central themes which hold it together. "I think storytelling is something magic and you don’t know how you’re doing it. It’s not conscious" he explains. “Lyrics are the last part of the process. I think they are important but a song never starts from that - it’s just an emotion, abstract. But lyrics are always about people. Mostly girls".

Clash are able to being you the new video for 'My Girl' which has been shot by Pensacola. Built upon friendship, the team recently completed a video for CHVRCHES, but had always wanted to collaborate with the artist Gusti Fink on a video. Because Music had sent over the Mind Enterprises' track My Girl as they were looking to make a music video, Gusti came to visit Pen$acola in New York, and this project was born.

Watch the video below.

"My Girl" Mind Enterprises from Forever on Vimeo.

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