'MODDISON' continues...
Milo Greene

Milo Greene - not a person but a group, a collective.

Based in Los Angeles, Milo Greene specialise in a uniquely cinematic form of dream pop. Light, shimmering chords and vocals so fragile they could break at any minute, the band recently helped shoot the short film 'MODDISON' to match their critically acclaimed debut album.

ClashMusic has been entrusted with giving segments of 'MODDISON' their European debut. Those exclusives are to come, for now we're happy to update our readers with the latest videos from the Milo Greene vault. Part of the over arching 'MODDISON' story, 'Silent Way' is a typically engrossing piece of songwriting.

Paired to this, director Chad Huff has shot a clip which focusses on a rural, domestic scene. As the video unfolds, you feel yourself pulled into the central character's world; one dominated by the wilderness, a space to find yourself.

Watch it now.

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Keep checking back for more segments from 'MODDISON'.

'What's The Matter'


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