Stark, solitary...
Milo Greene

Winter is a time to be alone, a time to find yourself.

Milo Greene make cinematic pop music, the sort of melodies you feel could wash over you at any minute. Yet within this there's a sense of solitude, a deeply felt emotional sensibility that knows when to tug at your heart strings.

Recently, Milo Greene assisted in the production of 'MODDISON' - a short film inspired by their music, it follows an un named protagonist as he lives his life against the sweeping backdrop of the United States. 'Perfectly Aligned' sits mid-way in the narrative, yet also acts as great entrance point.

Typically beautifully shot, the clip unravels at its own pace with each frame seeming to connect with the next, perfectly aligned with the music.

Watch it now.

- - -

Keep checking back for more segments from 'MODDISON'.

'What's The Matter'
'Silent Way'


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