Shot by Chad Huff
Milo Greene

Milo Greene are almost totally unknown in the UK.

Yet the band's music has already begun seeping across the Atlantic. Rightly feted in their native United States, Milo Greene match an almost somnambulist take on pop music to harmonies which bear traces of a country influence.

Milo Greene's self-titled debut album won across the board acclaim from our American cousins, leading to calls for a British release. Fierce Panda have stepped into the breach, with 'Milo Greene' set to be available in all good record shops - and no doubt a few questionable ones - from January 21st.

Ahead of this, the group are showcasing a recent short film. Shot by Chad Huff, Milo Greene's music was transformed into 'MODDISON' - a vivid portrait of solitary existence in rural America. Beautifully shot, the film has never before been available to British viewers.

ClashMusic have been granted first showing - watch it now.

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Spencer Williams
Sophie Moore

Directed by
Chad Huff

Written by
Robert Arnett
Marlana Sheetz
Andrew Heringer
Spencer Williams
Chad Huff

Director of Photography
Kevin Gosselin

First AC
Kyle Kimbriel

Justin Kemper

Produced by
The Cymbalhands
JJ Corsini 
Atlantic Records 
The Warner Sound


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