Life's a drag
Milk Maid

Milk Maid's new single 'Your Neck Around Mine' is out on November 26th via FatCat Records.

The video needs a bit of explaining. Here's how Milk Maid frontman, a guy who also moonlights as bassist Nine Black Alps, Martin Cohen justifies what goes on in the clip:

"We realised our first 3 videos were all basically the same…a bit of playing and a bit of getting dressed up, this time we decided to scrap the playing part. The budget was spent on wigs, make up and a case of beer.

We arrived at our friend Mark's house, found everyone fairly hungover and started filming Sams solo scenes.…some other friends/victims arrived and then the horror began, then the dog crapped everywhere.

We also wanted to explore the most profound, dry mouthed, aggressive forms of love."

Dry mouthed love.


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