Full video emerges...
Miles Kane

Miles Kane doesn't hold back.

Live, the songwriter is a blur of energy, firing off song after song as he refuses to let the energy levels dim. Spending the past 12 months on the road, a fired up Miles Kane recently went back into the studio to work on fresh material. A new studio album is due this year, but before then the Liverpudlian artist has a new single up his sleeve.

'Give Up' will be released on February 24th, with Kid Harpoon claiming a co-write credit and Ian Broudie on production. Here's a quote from Miles Kane: "I wanted the energy and positivity that I've felt in the past 18 months to be reflected on the new album - to make it upbeat and uplifting, and to me that's exactly what ‘Give Up’ does. It doesn't mess around."

Unveiled earlier this month, Miles Kane has now posted the full video for 'Give Up' online. As unrelenting and fired up as his live show, the video shoot matches a performance from Miles Kane to pyrotechnics and a writhing female dancer.

Watch it now.

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'Give Up' is set to be released on February 24th.


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