MC at the centre of a hype storm...
Mikill Pane

British hip hop is a curious beast.

After all, how do you re-appropriate an essentially American art-form for a localised viewpoint? The answer, if Mikill Pane is to be believed, is to simply be yourself.

The much hyped MC has an effortless flow which could only come from studying hip hop greats - put simply, we have no doubts that Pane owns a copy of 'Illmatic' and probably rapped a few of Nas' rhymes in the mirror as a young man.

Yet there's an individual streak on show here, with Mikill Pane fusing a love of classic hip hop with soul, ska, reggae and more. Debut album 'Blame Miss Barclay' drops later this year on Mercury, but ahead of this Mikill Pane has the small matter of a new single.

With the sun beginning to creep from behind those winter clouds 'Good Feeling' has struck a chord with the Clash office - all sunshine vibes and an effervescent personality, this is a tale of student life which won't leave you in much debt.

Watch the video first on ClashMusic.

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'Good Feeling' is set to be released on March 18th.


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