Sensual house.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

To a young artist, an older, wiser head can provide new avenues for exploration. To an older artist, meeting someone less engrained in a set style, less engrossed in prevailing norms can unblock forgotten paths.

It's a two way street. Maxxi Soundsystem is smashing it right now, making his name with productions for labels as diverse as Ellum Audiom, Futureboogie and now Moda Black. Recently, though, the producer decided to go back to basics and look up an old friend. Thomas Gandley acted as a guide for the young producer, helping him to carve out his own identity.

The two pair off on 'I Don't Care' for Moda Black, responding with a track which is both unified and acutely reflecting the varied tastes of the producers involved. Sensual house music with a tech touch, the warm, flowing synths are matched by carefully clipped, near robotic vocals.

Futuristic with a retro kick, 'I Don't Care' comes equipped with remixes from PBR Streetgang (Future Boogie/Hot Creations) and Moda Black label bosses Jaymo & Andy George. Out on December 10th, the video 'I Don't Care' is just as eye catching and unsettling as the track itself.

Extremely stylised, the clip is shot in black and white, featuring a number of everyday characters - builder, teacher etc - mouthing the lyrics.

- - -

'I Don't Care' is set to be released on December 10th.


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