Flying saucers, giant monsters and killer robots...
Marcel Lune

Not a lot happens in Stroud.

The meeting point of the Five Valleys, Stroud is a sleepy market town. Virtually the definition of Ye Olde England, it's a green and pleasant place, where serenity walks along at a leisurely pace.

But Marcel Lune has other ideas. The extrovert producer recently completed his new 'Intergalactic Dance Floor Massacre EP' and is clearly in the mood for a little fun. Stripped from the EP, 'Umm Eh' is all lazer guided synths, an over the top treat with an itchy, impatient sense of funk.

Set in the quiet streets of Stroud, the town is suddenly besieged by flying saucers, giant monsters and killer robots...

Watch it now.

- - -

'Intergalactic Dance Floor Massacre EP' is out now.


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