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Man Tear

Stockholm-born house music DJ and producer, Axel Boman joins cousin Johan Fredrik Jonason for new project ‘Man Tear’. Today they release the video for single ‘Outside Amore’.

The track mirrors the duo’s usual ‘punch-drunk house’ and begins echoing a Vampire Weekend-esque pulsating underlying disco beat. Raised on chamber music and awkward discovery of musical identity in a strict choir-instituted family, the boys eventually found their love of electronics.

Fifteen years later, the forgotten project was rediscovered and now as mature artists, Jonason and Boman picked up the abandoned pieces and spruced up synthesizers to form the latest of Man Tear’s music with Boman’s friend, Petter Nordkvist to structure the emotional turmoil.

The video shows a rocky desert area patrolled by security, focusing on a middle-aged lady who is staying at the empty resort as she revels in a breakdown. Other characters discover they are being watched through a window in Big Bro-style, ending it with an everlasting thought – it’s whatever you make of it.

‘Outside Amore’ is released on April 8th.

Words by Jojo Khor


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