Directed by Jason Harvey
Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco remains an infuriatingly difficult character to pin down.

A Canadian artist signed to one of Brooklyn's hottest labels, the songwriter's material at once sounds retro and completely modern. Oh he's in thrall to those greats from the 50s and 60s, for sure, but Mac DeMarco's innate idiosyncrasies mean this isn't some copycat environment.

Last year's 'Mac DeMarco 2' found the songwriter a cult audience, one that seemed to respect his deeply individual approach to making music.

Adopting and shrugging off boundaries on a near daily basis, the Canadian has found himself lumbered with numerous unwanted titles.

Speaking to ClashMusic last year, he reflected on how his music should ideally be described. "It is extremely pimped out" he said, simply.

Watch the pimped out video for 'Dreamin' now.

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'Mac DeMarco 2' is out now.


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