...a likely production from Dexter’s Laboratory

Ever wanted to experience a club night on a UFO? I’d expect you’d come pretty close at a Lumerians show. The San Francisco-band reveals their latest video for new track ‘Laser Barn’ showing concentrated clips of the band performing. Perhaps not in their usual Darth Maul meets Phantom of the Opera getup but in typical Lumerians’ style, there’s plenty of psychedelic projections and shaky camera angles.

‘Laser Barn’ is a likely production from Dexter’s Laboratory, with their space rock synths and African drums; it’s definitely something to get you nodding before you realize you’re whipping out your best eely moves.

Lumerians’ push music forward complete with Krautrock inspired exploration, post-punk guitar noise and cracked synths pulled from 1970s sci-fi tracks. If anything, this latest video is just a taste of what to expect at a live show. The band are set to release their full force debut album ‘The High Frontier’ on June 10th, and will be supporting K-X-P at Corsica Studios in London, tonight (May 1st).

Watch it now.

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'The High Frontier' is set to be released on June 10th.

Words by Jojo Khor


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