Shot in a London street...
Luke Sital-Singh

Luke Sital-Singh seems to pen songs with almost graceful ease.

A literate, thoughtful performer his output to date has displayed all the talent of a songwriter really coming into his own. Nodding towards folk and even the odd slice of Americana, Luke Sital-Singh is currently flying back from SXSW following a quickfire series of shows.

With recently announced EP 'Old Flint' lingering on the release schedule, Luke Sital-Singh is ready to step things up a notch. Tour dates have been arranged, material has been pressed and live sessions have been shot.

Live sessions, you say? Yep. Shot by those good people at Rockfeedback in fact, who have handed a clip to ClashMusic. 'Honest Man' is an engrossing, deceptively simple piece of music which features a spiraling picking pattern from Luke Sital-Singh.

Shown performing in the street, it's an intimate and oddly beautiful piece of footage.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Old Flint' is set to be released on April 15th.


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