Rising pop sensation returns...

Lorde recently toasted her 17th birthday.

In a way, it was like any other teenage: wearing her finery, the New Zealand singer attended a party with some friends. Except the world's press was invited. And David Bowie was there.

So not exactly like any other teenager, then. Debut album 'Pure Heroine' has become an international success, buoyed by the intelligent, ultra-modern pop of breakthrough hit 'Royals'.

New single 'Team' aims to continue the pattern. Lavishly produced, it's relatively simple melodies mask a lyrical flair which twists and turns the meaning inside out.

The video for the track is a big budget affair, featuring the odd bit of motorcycle jousting along the way.

Check it out below.

Lorde is - of course - a former Clash cover star. Check out an online-exclusive excerpt from our extensive feature HERE.

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