Shot by Katia Ganfield
Lola Colt

Lola Colt are a spectacle.

Sure, the six piece might make a hell of a racket on record, but it's only onstage that the band truly come to life.

With debut 45 'I Get High If You Get High' continuing to singe ear-drums across the land, Lola Colt have hopped back into the studio (with Bad Seeds member Jim Sclavuno, no less) to record a follow up.

New single 'Jackson' is out now via Black Tigress Records, with Katia Ganfield stepping in to shoot the accompanying video.

Using visuals from their live show, it captures the vibrancy, the energy of Lola Colt's onstage menace.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Jackson' is out now. Check out a 'Ones To Watch' piece on Lola Colt HERE.

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