In session at Green Man Festival 2013...
Local Natives

Local Natives have had a sterling year.

Second album 'Hummingbird' won numerous plaudits, coming close to breaking the Top 10 in their native United States. Since then, the group's hectic itinerary has pulled them across the globe, playing countless shows on just about every continent.

Yet they never seem to lose their appetite for performance. Local Natives dropped by Green Man Festival just a few weeks ago, delivery a set which was crisp, lean and entirely devoid of filler.

In fact, so keen were they to keep playing music, Local Natives immediately went backstage to record an intimate live session. 'Heavy Feet' is stripped from 'Hummingbird' but this arrangement finds the group swapping the crisp studio fragrance of the original for something rather more sparse.

Watch it now.

- - -

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