Oxford based production team return...
Dubwiser Dancehall

A funny thing is happening.

For decades, Jamaica has been in thrall to American culture, with everything from rhythm 'n' blues to hip hop being given a Caribbean tip. Now, though, American artists are accepting the influence of JA - hell, Snoop Dogg recently changed his name and began toasting over fresh skanking beats.

It's a conversation which being overheard in curious places. Based in Oxford, dub reggae act Dubwiser have long been rattling bass bins with their uniquely British take on Jamaican bass culture.

Becoming absorbed by digital dancehall, the crew are ready to introduce a fresh guise. Dubwiser Dancehall boasts the production talents of Jonas Torrance and Spider J, and alongside the fresh Jamaican vibes there's a clear awareness of hip hop production.

The link is made clear on their new EP. 'Dubwiser Groove' is a laid back summer hymn, and boasts the impeccable rhymes of an artist known only as EB - who reminds us of left field contemporaries such as Thunderbird Gerard.

Listen to it now...

Dubwiser Dancehall 'EP' is set to be released digitally on July 29th.

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