Promising young songwriter...
Lewis Watson

Lewis Watson is young - almost frighteningly so.

Fresh faced, the teenaged songbird began placing videos of his tracks on YouTube last year. Innocent, unspoiled vignettes from someone too inexperienced to know any better, Lewis Watson seemed to strike a chord with curious music fans.

The effect quickly snowballed. Views soared, with labels chasing down the highways and byways of England in an attempt to find out just who this self-made sensation actually was. In the end they found a shy, self-effacing teenager.

Lewis Watson kicked off 2013 in style, posting a few download live EP which was quickly devoured by ravenous fans. Now a ripe ol' 20, a full studio EP is in the works - but for now ClashMusic have been handed something special.

Taken from the EP, here's the official video for Lewis Watson's new track 'Into The Wild'. It's a tender performance. There's a fragility here, with the songwriter still coming to grips with his own abilities - a charming, endearing clumsiness which just seems to work within this context.

He's got something - we're not sure what, but he's definitely got something...

Watch it now.

- - -

Lewis Watson is set to new EP 'The Wild' on March 26th.

Pre-order link.


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