Monochrome clip...

Now ensconced in New York, Dev Hynes has somehow become the go-to man for thoughtful, intelligent pop music.

A producer and songwriter, the past 12 months have seen the former Test Icicle notch up fantastic singles with the likes of Solange and Sky Ferreira. Now Dev Hynes has completed a new collaboration.

Laura Welsh has been on the fringes for some time, working on a number of projects before deciding to use her own name last year.

Producing soulful, intimate yet catchy pop music, her slick style and effortless delivery is the sort of thing Sade used to gain international fame. Welsh might not be there quite yet, but in 'Unravel' she has scripted an effortlessly dynamic kitchen sink drama.

Out now, the track recently gained a video. An intense clip shot in monochrome, the footage is adapted from the film New Year's Eve by Eddie O'Keefe.

Watch it now.

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'Unravel' is out now.


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