There's a moment in the new video from Last Night In Paris when you realise how much is at stake, when you realise just how engrossed you have become in this London collective.

The production is effortless, fusing woozy, chopped up hip hop with electronics which could only come from a knowledge of UK club culture.

The rhymes are slick, the flow is strong with each word seeming to define something new, something deeply British yet ultimately universal.

Then someone shouts 'Lights Off!' and the screen falls to black.

And you wait.

And you wait.

You think maybe there's something wrong with your connection, that the screen is faulty. Then 'Blackout' kicks back in, its low slung, swaggering gait tricking you, teasing you because that's just how engrossed you've become.

Watch it now.

- - -

Listen to recent mixtape 'Roses' HERE.


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