UK rap collective...

Stateside hip hop is fragmenting, with a plethora of micro-scenes developing new sounds, their own distinct identities.

So it was only a matter of time before these new developments impacted upon the UK. Last Night In Paris are perhaps an obvious parallel to what's going on in America, but with their own unique twist.

More of an arts collective than a band, Last Night In Paris are comprised of rappers, designers, producers and film makers. New mixtape 'Roses' is out now, with the London outfit vowing to make a video for each track.

'003.So Very' emerged online last night. Production wise, this is smoky, dis-jointed hip hop which is as challenging as it is intoxicating. The video itself is hyper-stylised, featuring one member falling in slow motion against a dramatically lit screen.

Watch it now.

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Listen to 'Roses' HERE.


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