Tugging at your heartstrings...

In anticipation of the Brainfeeder producer's debut LP 'Nostalchic', Lapalux has released a striking new video for standout track 'Without You'. It's an achingly low-slung cut of twinkly electronica, which Kerry Leatham has lent her vocal chords to.

A romance tale with a PVC twist, this is a classic story of girl-meets-gimp. After a meeting in a crusty old B&B brings the two together, the visual turns into a heartbreaking tale, touching on themes of love and loneliness. With direction coming from Nick Ray Rutter, the female role is played by Game of Thrones actor and Molotov Jukebox member Natalia Tena. If this doesn't tug gently on those heartstrings of yours, then really I don't know what will.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Nostalchic' is set to be released on March 25th.

Words by Felicity Martin


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