Mistakes and regrets...

There's a side to British life which is rarely discussed in pop music.

With the effects of a double dip recession making itself known amongst a generation of young people, it seems that there are simply less and less opportunities to go round. Hard luck stories are everywhere, but if you tune into mainstream radio all you'll find is hour after hour of saccharine, Americanised pop music.

Which is what makes LAC so special. Unafraid to tackle issues that are slightly more personal, slightly more down at heel they look around them to find inspiration. New single 'Borstal Boy' is a case in point. Frontman Michael Davies was sent to a young offenders institute when only a teenager, something which deeply affected him:

“It came from a bad experience when I was 15. I was put in a young offenders institute. When I realised they weren’t going to just let me out if I kicked up a fuss, I got down and did my time and used music as a saviour. The music teacher said about me possibly writing a poem to go up in the halls. I didn’t think much at the time but then the prisoner in the next cell, who I’d become good friends with, hung himself over his girlfriend cheating. He only had 3 weeks left. As for the music video I didn’t want to do a graphic version of the events so Warner Chappell came up with an idea that has a real 90′s sort of ‘This Is England’ vibe with a few actors.”

Reminiscent of Billy Bragg or even Paul Weller, the way LAC gently nail down the details of grimy, gritty everyday life has a real poetic flavour - as if by describing their lives they are helping to enrich them, change them for the better.

Watch the video now.

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'Borstal Boy' is set to be released on May 6th.


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