Guest vocals from Black Hills
Kris Menace


EDM might be a dirty word, but current commercial boom for dance music is providing some unlikely figures with a route into the mainstream.

Real name Christoph Hoeffel, German producer Kris Menace has his roots in the mid 90s techno scene. Paying his dues countless times, the producer recently made a move towards big room house, producing a series of massive remixes for artists such as Metronomy.

Focussing on his own output, Kris Menace was able to carve out a sound that was accessible without losing sight of his influences. Working with a number of guest vocalists, the producer recently stepped into the studio with American vocalist Black Hills.

Euphoric, explicitly upbeat 'Waiting For You' could well be the breakthrough Kris Menace has been searching for. "I want that people feel good and special about listening to this track" the producer explained recently. "It’s just got something magical about it".

For his part, Black Hills was delighted with the finished track. "I had so many vocal ideas for 'Waiting for You' and Kris built the song in just the most beautiful way. When I first heard the demos, I was immediately transported to the clubs’ bright lights and dark corners--I knew the lyrics had to capture that sense of excitement and possibility, when the night can take you anywhere. Listening to it now, even, I can’t wait for what’s ahead!"

The video for 'Waiting For You' arrives online over the weekend.

Check it out now.

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'Waiting For You' is set to be released on May 6th.



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