Irish newcomers with boundless ambition...

Guitar music is - if we're honest - in the doldrums.

In a commercial sense, the charts are over-run with pop and slick R&B, making it incredibly difficult for a guitar band to communicate on a mass scale. In the case of Irish newcomers Kodaline, though, that seems to be the band's over-riding ambition.

Four friends from Dublin, the band's powerful, sweeping songcraft deserves to be heard in open spaces, resonating with thousands. Building slowly, steadily Kodaline are already on the cusp of great things in their native Ireland with Britain set to follow suit.

The band's forthcoming EP 'The High Hope' could be the breaking point. Remarkably assured for such a young group, their second release finds Kodaline matching the nascent energy of their live show with a building confidence into how to use the studio space to further their sound.

ClashMusic have been granted an exclusive preview. 'The Answer' opens with plucked notes on an acoustic guitar, with the band imbuing the song with a remarkable sense of world-weariness. There's a folk influence here, for sure, alongside hints of forthcoming grandeur - those strings, for example, or the way the percussion gently rises to push the track to a new level.

The video itself is the moving tale of a prisoner reflecting on his life. A vivid counterpoint to 'The Answer' is focusses on mistakes, regrets and a pervading sense of loneliness...

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Kodaline are set to play the following shows:

26 Manchester Night & Day
27 London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
28 London Sebright Arms


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