Live at Manchester Museum...
Keaton Henson

It's a common pose for young songwriters to stumble over their words - precious creatures lost in a fog of self-doubt.

However for Keaton Henson it's not an act. The English artist suffers from extreme anxiety, making performances difficult if not almost impossible. Gaining in confidence, the songwriter's skills in the studio have empowered a cult following.

Second album 'Birthdays' was a moving, beautifully constructed effort which saw Keaton Henson joined Band of Horses, Alberta Cross, The Raveonettes and even grunge giants Pearl Jam.

Recently embarking a handful of British shows, Keaton Henson is moving past his inhibitions. Brave yet fragile shows, a recent sold out stint in Manchester saw the American artist perform two nights in a local museum.

Deezer were on hand to capture a rare session. Keaton Henson breezed through four tracks, delivering performances which ripple with a rare sense of openness.

ClashMusic have been handed the video for 'You' - watch it now.

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Grab Keaton Henson's 'Live At The Manchester Museum EP' below.


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