New video emerges...
Kanye West

The scale of Kanye West's return has been both inevitable and unusual.

Grandiosely titled new album 'Yeezus' has become an international hit, notching up number one slots in almost every territory. Yet in spite of that Saturday Night Live performance and the 'American Psycho' referencing commercial starring Scott Disick fans have been left rather short on visuals.

Thankfully, that's now about to change. 'Black Skinhead' has received the video treatment, and it's every bit as dark, physical and imposing as the track itself. Kanye West takes the central role, and appears to have been working out.

There's a vein of homo-eroticism here, which - combined with the musical assault - leads Clash to think that Yeezy could well have been picking up tips from Death Grips...

Watch it now.

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'Yeezus' is out now.

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Update - video deleted due to leak


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