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Johnny Borrell

Johnny Borrell is a man who divides opinion.

Earlier today Clash put live our singles column, with Hookworms' frontman MJ describing the one time Razorlight singer turned solo artist as being "annoyingly competent".

Which is perhaps revealing. Even at their most biting, Borrell's critics will admit his 'competence' - in other words, his ability to construct songs which aim to reach a massive audience and often do, with staggering effect.

Debut album 'Borrell 1' is out on Monday (July 22nd) and finds the songwriter in reflective mood. Recorded with a loose-knit bunch of friends, the relaxed sessions for the material were overseen by none other than legendary producer Trevor Horn.

Current single 'Pan-European Supermodel Song (Oh! Gina)' is a joyous romp, the sort of carefree approach which Johnny Borrell's fans love (and irks his detractors).

A film crew from the Mahogany Sessions recently ventured into the studio with Borrell, recording a live version of the track. Given renewed life, 'Pan-European Supermodel Song (Oh! Gina)' is the sort of daft, loveable sing-along the songwriter does best.

Watch it now.

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'Borrell 1' is out on Monday (July 22nd)

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