Challenging Australian composer...
Joe McKee

Australia's music scene is an odd beast.

Closely connected to the West, it remains far enough away to generate its own, deeply idiosyncratic character. Packed to the brim with oddballs, mavericks and loose cannons, it can sometimes be difficult for new artists to gain wider international appreciation.

Which is a tragedy, really. Joe McKee was formerly a creative force in Snowman, a cult Australian band who released just two provocative albums. Now McKee is ready to focus on his solo career.

Completing work on his debut album, the Australian singer is set to release 'Burning Boy' on July 1st in the UK. Available via Big Ship, the initial signs are promising.

Pushing ahead with his unique vision, Clash are able to share Joe McKee's new track 'Blue Valeria'. Using space almost as an instrument in itself, Joe McKee's has a pastoral touch which is both beautiful and oddly unsettling.

Watch the video for 'Blue Valeria' on Clash now.

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'Burning Boy' is set to be released on July 1st.


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