Official video arrives...
She Burns

Joe Goddard seems to rejoice in using female vocals.

Prising himself away from Hot Chip, the producer teamed up with Valentina to craft the sublime 'Gabriel' single. Now it seems that the beatsmith is set to repeat the trick...

Mara Carlyle is better known for her confessional songwriting, with her beautiful voice wrapping itself around often quite emotional lyrics. Partnering Joe Goddard on new track 'She Burns', the results are quite beautiful.

Clash heard the single earlier this year, and was moved to comment: "Propulsive, dancefloor ready electronics matched to Carlyle's effortlessly emotive vocals this is a dramatic, unexpected but alluring pairing."

The video for the track opens with something completely unexpected: Mara Carlyle as a corpse. Being prepared for burial, the stark nature of the scene is matched by the oddly humane, disconcertingly funny actions of those around her.

Watch it now.

- - -

'She Burns' appears on Joe Goddard's new EP 'Taking Over' - out on June 25th.

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