Janelle Monae - Little Wing

Backed by The Roots...
People, Hell & Angels

Well, this is pretty special...

Those Hendrix vaults have yet to be cleansed, with 'new' - for which read, compilation of previously unreleased cuts - album 'People, Hell & Angels' out now. Displaying some virtuosic guitar playing, the album also showcased the guitarist's tender, poetic side with several soon-to-be-classic tracks displayed in embryonic form.

To celebrate, American show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon invited a guest to cover a true Jimi Hendrix classic. 'Little Wing' is a world away from those psychedelic pyrotechnics, with the guitarist returned to the jazz tinged, R&B ballads which dominated his early career on the chitlin circuit.

Janelle Monae stepped in to cover the track, bringing along her guitarist for some intricate backing. The Roots fleshed out the track, allowing us to hear ?uestlove and Monae working together on a Hendrix track.

The results? Every bit as good as that sounds...

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