Visually stunning clip...
Jamie Lidell

Electronic music comes parcelled with a few cliches.

Producers are normally referred to as boffins, eggheads, or geeks strapped to their collection of vintage synths. Jamie Lidell, though, seems to take delight in being the exception to this laboured rule.

The Warp producer is a true showman, matching natural charisma to a voice straight out of the Stax school. 'You Naked' - the latest cut to emerge from his upcoming self-titled album - showcases both sides of Jamie Lidell's persona.

Conceived by London-based studio Flat-e, the shot is deceptively simple. Staring into the camera, Jamie Lidell blasts out the track which pushes his vocal abilities to the fore.

Holding a microphone, the equipment triggers an intricate light show which adjusts to his movements; it's a bizarre, beautiful clip which matches the man to the machinery.

Watch it now.

- - -

'You Naked' will be given a single release on March 25th.

'Jamie Lidell' - the album - will be released on February 18th.


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