Featuring the Q-Kidz Dance Team...
Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell has always had a flamboyant streak.

Coming to life onstage, the English-born, Nashville-based artist is a world away from the cliche of electronic producer as bedroom boffin. Inviting you to get on up and shake yr funky rump, Jamie Lidell's recent (self-titled) album absorbed the best in 80s synth funk.

Highlight 'Big Love' is a loud and proud salute to those influences. The track has now received the video treatment, with Jamie Lidell being joined by the Q-Kidz Dance Team - introduced to the producer by none other than Bootsy Collins.

"The Q-kidZ are the bomb!" Lidell explained. "They destroy all cynicism with their sheer joy and passion and leave a trail of heart-warming smiles behind them wherever they go. It's pretty rare these days to feel a genuine life rush but these girls with all their raw passion, discipline and exuberant joy just blew us all away."

Watch it now.

- - -

Jamie Lidell is set to play London's Oval Space venue on July 11th.

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