HIgh profile collaboration gains visuals...
James Blake

On paper, it's an unlikely, almost incongruous collaboration.

Chance The Rapper is one of the most sought after young MCs in the States, someone whose cell phone is no doubt weighed down by the presence of serious digits. James Blake, meanwhile, is the crown prince of quiet, a songwriter who added a fragile, emotional sensibility to dubstep's bass weight.

Heading into the studio, the pair began exchanging ideas. New cut 'Life Around Here' is the result: the production has a crystalline, metallic feel, with Blake using some trademark distorted vocals.

Yet there's a laid back, slowed down aesthetic borrowed from modern hip hop. Chance The Rapper's verse joyously zips across the beat, but there's a sense that the two could produce something more, something with increased gravitas.

The video for the track finds the two in a lowrider - the top down, James Blake and Chance The Rapper pass through an enchanted forest.

Watch it now.

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