Get to know this French talent...

Music is all about perception.

To some, a song can be a horrendous noise - to others, it can be the most inspirational sound they've ever heard.

French newcomer Jacques pins down this dichotomy on new cut 'In The Radio', when he croons: "We all listen to the same song / but we don’t hear it the same way..."

A playful off kilter talent, everything about Jacques seems to effortlessly attract attention - including his monastic haircut.

He explains: “Shame is a real scourge...I forced myself to unchain my mind from what people think about me and my appearance. The truth is that after three years I am still feeling shame each time I get into the subway, that’s why I keep wearing it.”

There's nothing to be ashamed about in his new video, though, a piece of monkey business that highlights his endearing idiosyncrasies.

Tune in now.

Catch Jacques at Birthdays, London on July 27th.

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