Inspired by the work of French director Claude Lelouc...
Phantom Vibrate

Now based in New York, Jacques Greene is changing.

Refusing to be contained by any genre lines, his music extends beyond techno, beyond house and into the realms of somewhere quite personal.

Working with LuckyMe, new EP 'Phantom Vibrate' is out now. A liquid treatise on creativity, it's a righteously funky document which links club space to head space.

'Night Tracking' has now received the visual treatment, a homage to the single shot avant garde C'était un rendez-vous by French director Claude Lelouch.

Re-worked in a contemporary context, the clip utilises edited footage from 'Getaway In Stockholm' and documents young racers as they evade the police.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Phantom Vibrate' is out now.

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