Directed by So Me...
Jackson and his Computerband

Paris is one of Europe's main metropolitan centres, a sprawling urban mesh which encompasses differing languages, religions, cultures.

Yet in the city's electronic music scene, it often seems that everyone knows everyone.

Jackson And His Computerband made his welcome return earlier this year, with the acclaimed Warp Records full length 'Glow' - Clash review HERE.

Stripped from the recent LP, 'Memory' has been given some neat visuals by none other than So Me - a Parisian artist who was previously art director with Ed Banger.

"When I first heard Jackson's album I immediately asked him if he already had planned to release a music video for the song; Memory’. I was really eager to be the one to direct it. It was love at first sight" he said. "Something that struck me straight away, was that despite the modernity of Jackson's music or his avant-garde skills, there was an intemporal quality to this tune. I remember thinking of the Beach Boys or other cult pop composers. That's probably why I decided to set up this video in a place that's timeless, New York City, and to not give visual clues of what year or period it is exactly set, hence why I shot with black and white 16mm film."

"It's always tricky to feature artists in music videos. Even if they are talented musicians it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to look cool or relaxed on film especially if you ask them to ‘act’ it can be disasterous! This time, as I hope you'll agree, Jackson's presence on screen really doesn't disappoint."

Watch it now.

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'Glow' is out now.

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