Shot on a Los Angeles ranch...

There's a romance about the West Coast of the United States which few other areas can rival.

So when inc. placed their latest video online - shot on a Los Angeles ranch, no less - our interest was immediately piqued.

It's a striking clip. Andrew and Daniel Aged have always been aware of their visual identity, but the video for 'black wings' is extremely simple. Shot on a Western ranch, the visuals demonstrate the clear bond and natural chemistry which exists between the pair.

The music itself is completely engrossing - fractured R&B with a human soul, it's allowed to evolve gently while inc. strum their guitars, play with a dog and light a fire as the sun goes down.

Watch it now.

"Directed" by Andrew/Daniel/Ryan Kuhlman
D.P.: Ryan Kuhlman
Edited by A+D
Wardrobe: Natasha Ghosn, A+D
Ft. 'inc. tribe'" A+D, Dmile/Michael/Sam
Special thanks Lord Zorthian, Sam Gendel, Aaron Brown

- - -

inc.'s debut album 'no world' is out now.


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