Using a grand piano...

Punks don't play piano.

A generalisation, for sure, but one that definitely holds water. After all, how many piano recitals has John Lydon played? Or Jello Biafra?

But Iceage aren't afraid to break rules, to shatter expectations. New album 'You're Nothing' is a much more personal affair than their debut, turning the Danes primordial rage in on themselves.

Agreeing to shoot a live clip, the band opted for something different. Filmed in Copenhagen, Iceage blast through 'Morals' and even manage to rope in a grand piano.

Adding a doomy edge to one of the darker cuts on 'You're Nothing' it's a fascinating - if somewhat unexpected - deviation from Iceage.

Watch it now.

- - -

'You're Nothing' is out now.


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