Novel with a key...

The beauty of the ordinary, the reality of fiction.

Sometimes the lines are blurred. Hookworms put on a helluva show, except it's not about play-acting - it's completely real.

The Leeds psychedelic crew delivered their new album earlier this year, a heavyweight marriage of pummelling riffs, soaring vocals and all out noise. Signing up to the Too Pure Singles Club, the band agreed to pen a follow up 45 exclusively for the label.

The first track to be recorded with new member JN, 'Radio Tokyo' will be available in limited quantities. Flip side 'On Returning' bares no relation to the Wire song of the same name - instead, it's a lengthy, probing piece of non-retro psychedelia.

Backed with an unusual video, the visuals seem to question everyday life. Shot naturally, each scene has something surreal, something memorable contained inside it.

Watch it now.

HOOKWORMS - On Returning from AC Williams & Son on Vimeo.


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