Belgian electro-rockers return...

GOOSE could well be the biggest band you've never heard of.

Belgian electro rockers, the group fuse an ambitious production sense with jagged, euphoric guitar riffs. Huge on the continent, GOOSE hooked up with !K7 and Skint for the release of albums #1 and #2.

Now, though, the band are planning to go it alone. GOOSE are planning to release their third album 'Control, Control, Control' in the UK on April 4th, bringing British audiences in line with the rest of Europe.

Already huge in their native Belgium - 'Control, Control, Control' went straight into the charts at number one - the group are now setting their sights on the UK.

As a primer for their new album, GOOSE have filmed live performances of a number of new tracks. 'LUCIFER' is a great starting point: all edgy rhythms and propulsive techno influences, it features GOOSE in all their Flying V clad glory.

Watch it now.

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'Control, Control, Control' is set to be released in the UK on April 4th.


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