Director's Cut...
Goldheart Assembly

Despite the onward rush of technology, despite the impact of time and trend ClashMusic can't help but be moved but a good song.

Well crafted, honed, refined - these are the type of adjectives were look for in our songcraft. Nothing too trad, of course, but a sense of personality is nothing without an awareness of the past.

Goldheart Assembly could be exactly what we're searching for. The London group's debut album 'Wolves And Theives' was an assured introduction, but it felt like the sound of a band finding their feet.

Follow up record 'Long Distance Sound Effects' finds the group moving ahead. Out on July 1st, it boasts the recent gem that was lead single 'Billy In The Lowground'.

Stirring stuff, it found Goldheart Assembly emphatically proving their point. Backed with a deeply evocative video, ClashMusic are delighted to present a longer, director's cut edition of the clip.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Long Distance Sound Effects' is set to be released on July 1st.


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