Shot with Wasnotwas films...
Gold Panda

South London is different.

Sure, each area, each borough of London has its own identity but - for those who live there, at least - South London is simply something quite unique.

Departing Peckham for Berlin, Notown producer Gold Panda was recently invited to celebrate his roots in SE15. Teaming up with Wasnotwas Films, the camera crew followed the beatsmith as he prepared for a one off Peckham show.

Fusing trippy, psychedelic footage with street scenes, the video builds up into an oddly moving portrait of Peckham in transition. From corner shops to street markets, night clubs to public parks, the results are both vivid and deeply engrossing.

Watch it now.

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Gold Panda's new album 'Half Of Where You Live' is out now.

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