Fragmented electronics...

A glyph is a letter, an indicator of sound which can be built up into a word.

Fragments which build up into a larger whole, small pieces which gather into an overarching structure. It's somewhat fitting, then, that two producers from Liverpool (now based in London) have decided to name themselves Glyphs.

Working with shattered piece of sound, the duo meld the parts together to construct something resembling a pop song. Curious, exotic nuggets, Glyphs have gathered these tracks onto two EPs thus far which managed to make ripples on the far edges of the mainstream.

New single 'Locks & Keys' is one of their most direct, concise statements yet. Soft vocals flutter above the electronics, with the production team allowing the music to shift, change in a fluid, illusive manner.

As a preview, Glyphs have handed the video for 'Locks & Keys' to ClashMusic. The clip follows a couple in what seems to be an uneasy relationship, exploring their desires in a manner which blurs memory, fantasy and real life.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Locks & Keys' is set to be released on February 4th.


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