Extreme Grunge Terror

Grunge is a term to be used and abused. To be wrapped round your music and then flung in the bin.

GHXST seem to know that. A New York trio, the band's output is grunge in the sense of fusing fuzzed out guitars with candy-bar-sweet melodies. Oh, and noise - lots and lots of noise.

Hitting London soon, GHXST recently unleashed uncompromising new cut 'Doomgirl'. All NiN attack and bluesy vocals, the New York outfit have now seen fit to unveil another track.

'Black Camaro' pushes the needle well into the red. Backed by a new video, it finds the American outfit push the pedal to the (heavy) metal - like a delinquent version of Sabbath, or a twinkling, evil vision of Slayer's youth.

Watch the video for 'Black Camaro' below.

- - -

GHXST tour dates:

15 London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (DJ Set)
16 London Topman - Oxford Street (DJ Set)
17 Brighton Green Door Store
20 London Old Blue Last
21 Manchester Kraak Gallery
22 London Birthdays
23 Reading Oakford Social Club

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