“What the hell are you doing?”

The relentless rise of Friends continues...

The Brooklyn group announced themselves with a bass-heavy sass of 'I'm His Girl' a song which seemed equally at home on the dancefloor and in the bedroom. Since then, the much hyped collective have toured the world as well as delivering their rather tasty debut album.

Now the band have posted the new video for 'Va Fan Gör Du'. The title is in Swedish and - after a quick shout around the office - the only other example of Swedish words in American music we could find is the band name Husker Du.

Seemingly translating as “what the hell are you doing?” the song is packed with swagger and attitude. At one point, Samantha Urbani & Co. call out “Hey, who do you think I am? Some chick on the street, some piece of meat that you wanna holler at.”

Watch it now.

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